About Us - Wayside Fallen Riders Memorial Park

Wayside Fallen Riders Memorial Park is built on a 2 acre piece of land that used to be an old wayside station on the outskirts of Two Hills Alberta.

This memorial park was built by the volunteers of the Rider Friendly Community committee.

Our Committee's Mission Statement: To create and maintain a place where all who have loved and lost a motorcyclist are able to come and reflect, remember and be at peace.

Our Committee's Vision Statement: To bring the motorcycle community together in ways that others haven't.

How it started:

Bob Ross and Mark Kussman had a dream to see the town of Two Hills become a bustling and vibrant community again. The farming community of Two Hills had been going through some tough times and they knew that tourism would help turn some of that around. With this idea in mind they approached the community and a committee of volunteers was struck. 

They dreamed of building a place that the families and friends of those who rode motorcycles but had passed away could come to remember and honour them.  Many people who do not ride motorcycles don’t realize that riders tend to like to have their ashes scattered to the wind leaving no place for those who loved them to go to remember or memorialize their loved one.

Bob and Mark started the Run to the Hills Memorial Rally to help raise money to build this memorial park and make the use of it free to those who wish to avail themselves.

Wayside Fallen Riders Memorial Park features a small chapel with a wrap around deck, a bbq and tables/chairs for approx 100. The memorial itself features a rider, kneeling before a cross with helmet in hand.

The Run to the Hills Memorial Rally has become a 10 day event and involves most of Two Hills County and surrounding area. There are all manner of events from a chili cookoff to a Shown Shine and so much more that make up the rally!

The Rally not only funds the maintenance and upkeep of Wayside Fallen Riders Memorial Park but it also provides funds to purchase things like defibrillators for the town’s arena and bathrooms for Geletta Park. We support our community when you support us!

There is no cost to use Wayside Fallen Riders Memorial Park but donations are always gratefully accepted.

With the help of the community and a small army of volunteers, the dream of a rally and a memorial park has become a reality.

Bob Ross,

Vice President CMTA

Chair Rider Friendly Committee

Wayside Fallen Riders Memorial Park

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